MY LIBRARY Martine Camilieri

Welcome to the first official post from the new By ZebraBook´s blog. Today we start with a section called “My Library”. In this section we will invite people we admire to share with us them libraries and to talk with us about books. Our first guest is:

Martine Camillieri (Villa Arson, Nice), artist and author. She lives in Malakoff, near Paris. In 2000, she left the world of advertising for a different life, studying the questions of ecology, recycling and biodiversity. Her artwork consists in installations that highlight aspects of our consumer society. In her books, she proposes reinventing and recycling everyday objects, exploring their multiple uses.

My tiny contribution is to militate against the proliferation of objects on Earth.”! Martine Camillieri

I know Martine since the beggining of by ZebraBooks. I once visited her in her amaizing home-studio at the time she was shooting the pictures for her book Du bon usage des ustensiles  published by Editions de L’Epure.

We asked some questions to Martine regarding to our issue and she kindly answered and shared with us her book´s life.

1.-WHEN DO YOU (like to) READ?

I read when I´m in warm season but also in winter, in the evening, near the fireplace of my countryside house. At the siesta time in July and August. Or in September, October, because we travel 2 months or more with our little van in the mediterranean countries. Or sometimes in my kitchen when I cook !. So, I have several libraries: in my studio (in which, I choose only some books for working), in my kitchen (some Jamie Oliver and other favourites chefs), in my countryside living room (literature), and a little rolling library in our van (a top ten summer choice, chosen by the driver of the van and my life … and me) !

photo Diane Rondot (free)





This book of Tim Walker is my favorite one. I like the wonderful work of the installations from this artist, but I admire too his talent as photograph. His ability to reproduce poetry and presence in an installation is so difficult. And also because the book is big and we can almost come inside!  In any case, I don´t know why? but I have to dream to find a life´s sense. As my first books, when I was a child. I like too, all the little japanese books  from Editions Paume because the text take part of the beauty of the pages.


In each of my books I try to transmit to me readers the love for ecology . But I do it, I hope, with humour. I call this way “ludic sustainable”. Two of my children cookbooks have an écolabel from the government: Je sais cuisiner pour mes doudous, À l’heure du goûter or I can cook for my stuffed animals, at tea time and Wild food, my last book, has already received the price of sustainable food for France. In February, I will know, if this price will be an international one. I heard last week, this book was one of the three finalists on 163 countries !


This book is the result of research into those food industry products that are poisoning us little by little.  With this staging, I tried to recreate these foods using only plastic objects (sponges become hamburgers, clothespins are french fries, a tube of insulation material wrapped with twine is a roast). The funny aspect of these pages, produced like advertising humorous posters, while at the same time delivering an alarming message.  The information that incited me to create this “alert to danger”  in book form (from press, tv shows, internet sites, books),  is listed at the end of the book. The book was made as a participatory edition, by those who share my opinions and with the efficient and amiable Editions de L’Epure.



My next book is how to use a van as travel-transport, how to travel with a van , how to cook simply and safely on the road, and more good ideas to have a good trip !

THANK YOU MARTINE ! You were so kind : )


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