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To be social or to be cultured?  That´s the question.

Today we want talk about public libraries . We write this post motivated for an article sent by our friends from Content Media Plan. You can read it here..
We all know reading is a culture legacy and the oldest´s idea of a library we have it is for sure the Ancient Library of Alexandria, in Egypt. But, If we talk about the new development approaches, we must to admit that over the time and until now we haven´t experimented any radical change, even though we are talking from more than 2300 years.

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If we think in modern time maybe we could consider an idea of a library more like this project from Ewa Szylberg

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A more social project has been launched in 2001 and developed under the name of Book Crossing. They have taken and spread these legacy all over the world. This way to share books and to extend the meaning of exchange books for reading worldwide has been described for many important press media in these different and positive ways: “if you love your books, let them go”– The New York Times. “an unlikely global sociology experiment”– Book Magazine, “a modern-day message in a bottle”– San Francisco Chronicle

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But, How a library should look like? or better How they should work in order to have a social commitment?

They are actually many small engaged ideas like the movement started by the Guerrilla Guy, Christian Zabriskie, Founder & CEO, Urban Librarians Unite. 

 “Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) is a professional group created to promote and support libraries, library staff, and librarianship in urban settings. Urban Librarian Unite facilitates dialog between libraries and library workers, encourages new developments in library science, and advocates for libraries and librarians in urban areas. The organization will accomplish this through trainings, networking events, information resources, advocacy, publications, and presentations. While ULU is principally focused on libraries in urban settings it recognizes all forms of librarianship with particular support for libraries at risk.”

We have researched more and we founded also this other article about 10 Unusual Micro Libraries in which you can see how different countries and designers have developed also alternatives

After some reflections, we ask us How is possible to drive more initiatives like this?. Should have more design responses? Is everything a political question? or Should design be also social?

What do you think? Please leave a comment and share with us your opinion.



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