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Editions Memo is a french publishing house with focus on Illustrate books but them catalogue could be described as publishing for artist books. Memo is one of our favorite publishing house. They describes them self as:

” Editions Memo has been publishing books for young readers by writers and artists since 1993. All our books are designed, edited and produced with the utmost care. Each picture book has its own unique typeface, format and colour, and is printed on high quality, bulky paper. This attention to detail epitomizes our desire to create books that are as precious as an original work of art, and make them accessible to everyone “.

Today we show you a book´s selection based on geometric forms. Please take a look to the following french books and french artists.

Noémi Schipfer

Freelance graphic designer,  artist and  illustrator. This artist’s work is delicate. The geometry apparently flat, is loaded with a profound dimension. His work reminds us some works of kinetic art.


Captura de pantalla 2013-02-26 a las 14.23.02

Julien Magnani this young designer, typography and founder of Editions Magnani ” likes nothing better than constructing alphabets from simple, playful elements “


Captura de pantalla 2013-02-26 a las 15.27.33

Janik Coat artist and illustrator. We love “Hippopposites” – Images illustrating opposite pairs are set on opposing pages, each starring its own hippo. “Heavy” features a hippopotamus submerged underwater; “light” shows him aloft in a hot-air balloon. But the book goes beyond the obvious pairings, and the illustrations are superlative in  concept and execution. “Positive” and “negative” flip black-and-white images of the same hippo. “Squared” makes him all angles; “rounded” renders him  supple. Interactive additions give the “soft” hippo a downy pink coat; in “rough” he appears in burlap. Isn’t a beaten-up baby board book the opposite of an elegant grown-up coffee-table book? Not in this case”.


Captura de pantalla 2013-02-26 a las 14.37.25

Xavier Armange 

Witter and/or illustrator. His career is large. He has about twenty illustrated albums and novels for children and a few books for adults.


Louise-Marie Cumont

“She designed and sewed her first books for his son, Gabriel. She made one by one, in a blend of carefully selected fabrics, each book is a unique piece that it restricts editing, it manufactures on demand. It finds subjects into objects, situations and emotions of everyday life as well as in the great questions of existence. She deals with a seemingly simple, geometric, essential, universal. The result is a work of art in the form of a book, a book artist”.


Captura de pantalla 2013-02-26 a las 14.45.03

How do you like these books?



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