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Hello dear followers ! Is a great honor to write our first post from the section “Designer” about Caroline Gomez. In her website she is described so:

“Caroline Gomez devotes the heart of her work to creating objects in limited series: a real celebration of natural raw materials and craftsmanship. Her creations are often described as minimalist and poetic, which is both a strong visual identity and a logical relationship between manufacturing process and the story the objects tell. Her work is rooted in daily life and present time through the uses and pleasures it enhances, in an effort to de-clutter our daily environment. It is a quest of balance so as to reduce the object to what’s essential. She plays with the limits the fields of design offer and frees herself from conventional barriers, thus building a rich and singular world. Since 2009, she has developed an entire and consistent range of products that have forged and asserted her personal universe. The way she practices design is an active one, through self-edition, collaborations with several designers, galleries and showrooms, in addition to taking part in many events in France and abroad “.

We really admire her works and that´s why we´ve wanted to talk with her more in details.Caroline´s works is soft, delightful and balanced.

The color in your work is very soft but at the same time is powerful which give it a very unique and particular color identity. How is your relation with color?. How is your color process work? Is part of your design language or it has to be more with you, Caroline.
The color is essential in my work. It often amazes when I say that because she is finally very very discreet. But exactly it becomes integrated perfectly in daily in this way there. So, I like making creations in natural material because I know that they are going to receive many objects of color, by their function. Thus these creations once liven up used.



– Which kind of design have influenced your work 
I am fascinated by the Scandinavian design, in particular that of year 50. So by the purism of lines and materials in the Japanese design.
But what really inspires me it is my journeys, the places which I visit, in which I feel good, places as the Area of Bardenas (in Spain) tempts me to create! I create furniture or objects which could have been born over there, which become integrated into the set, into the life.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 14.39.50

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 14.09.53

 – How have design changed the way you live?
” Design Make to your life and life, design your ” I do not know any more where I read this quotation I like very much it. It is completely that the design modifies, improves, embellished, softened our life but it is our life which inspires the design.
I always liked objects since every girl, the way of the design is natural for me.





– PLEASE !!! tell us about the fantastic  SLØ edition.
I co-published SLØ magazine with Sophie Denux.
SLØ, The slow lifestyle magazine. Everyday bits and pieces, people and places. Taking time and seeing life in a different way.
We wanted to create a magazine which looks like us who likes the simple things, the simple life. A magazine which does not speak a shopping and which does not run after time.
For me SL Ø is a logical continuity of my work, it is just another medium of expression.

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 14.53.48



– What does it mean slow design for you ? Is part of a big movement or is a word that describe your design process?
In my approach, the “slow design” is concrete: I work exclusively with French craftsmen, at the rate of them hands, the time of production respects the man. I produced thus serial limited and sometimes even only with order.
And I use only natural materials. Objects are noble and produce in a reasoned way.



7.- There is something in your career you would like to develop that you haven´t done yet.
Yes, a lot!… Draw a collection of garment and jewels or build small houses in wood!

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 14.56.35

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 14.40.27

Please check Caroline´s shop and blog .

Thank you, Caroline !

Many thanks Yuly!


3 pensamientos en “DESIGNERS Caroline Gomez

  1. Beautiful design and photography. I like her approach. And the magazine looks very interesting, too! There’s a chance I’m coming to Marburg soon, I’ll make sure to visit your shop then!


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