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FInd a way or fade away

Today we are going to use this post to make a Homework. We are learning how to improve our blog´s skill -Yes, this practical subject can be learned- And for that reason we are taking part on Blog Boss, a very helpful and inspire e-course offer by Holly Becker. Our mission this week is to write a “Study case” about blogs that rock and why. In this post we will show a selection based in 5 crucial points we have learned in the last time and can help to found a solid base to be taken as a serious blogger. One of the most important concept in this matter is called CONSISTENCY The gist of blogging is based in this concept. All the blogs we present bellow have it already and now we will share with you some other important points of what make a blog ROCK !




Humans since1982


Very important is to be clear about what is the point of the blog and to show it in a solid way. These 3 blogs 1.- This is paper 2.- Poppy Talk 3.- Pikaland  blogs bellow are some blogs we think ROCK because the curated selection and the clear topic (in this case inspiration)


Todd Selby


We appreciated the personal, the individual and the authentic way. There is (Thanks God !) a new trend we love which is about to show real people and real life. This is something can let people feel close. We think and we like always to return to simplicity and find beauties in what is not perfect. Real and authentic doesn´t mean not well produced. These blogs 1.- Freunde von Freunden 2.- Closet Visit 3.- The Selby ROCK because they focus on the way more than on the shape but ATTENTION !!! still being professional and keeping quality. Bravo !!!




Made by Joel


People needs to talk from what they know. Every one is talent at something. To build an audience based on your strong points is the best. We love these 2 blogs 1.- Made by Joel 2.- Pugly pixel and they ROCK because the didactic approach. Because they share them expertise. And make it easy. Bravo !!!




Pia Jane Bijkerk


In these time you can go anywhere without being aware that without networking the world is so small. How do you turn your talent in business is an art. These 4 blogs ROCK  1.- Pia Jane 2.- Emmas  3.-Pattern Observer 4.-Marie Forleo because these 4 ladies market her self and her work in a very clear and effective way. Then of course each of then has then own way, personality, product and target. Bravo !!!




Sebastian Lester via Plenty of colour


Life is art and we love art ! We love art ! We love art ! Art is our source inspiration. Everything which is related with art is for us interesting. These blogs 1. Cubicle Refuge 2. Plenty Colour and 3.- Selva ROCK because they take the best from art. Art. Artistic. BRART !!!




Kreeta from Gretchen Gretchen


By “Blogging your Way” we have the opportunity to contact with many blogger from all around the world. We would like to mention two blogs we think ROCK. Gretchen Gretchen because she is a natural person and talent professional. Bravo !!! and  Lena for her wide view  Bravo !!!


4 pensamientos en “BLOG Study Case

  1. Hi Yuly!
    Thank you Thank you !!! Great blogs you have in your list. I bookmarked few already. There are so many talented people out there. Have a lovely week!

  2. A very late THANK YOU! for being on your list (I discovered it before but didn’t comment…). It’s a real honour because you picked so many outstanding blogs here. Like Kreetta, I found it very interesting to discover new ones, too. Oh, so many talented people. Is there something like too much inspiration? I don’t think so, if just the day was twice as long to have the time to discover and read all of them!


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