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Julia Pelletier is one of this person I have always thought should be worldwide famous because what she do. Julia works very engaged in everything she do (which is not few). She designs, she teaches, she prints, she draws. We met some years ago when she invite By ZebraBooks to the Book Festival she organizes called “Como Pedro por mi casa”. She works mainly with fabric and paper creating new ways and forms


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Today we talk with Julia about books, the books she reads, the books she likes, the books she enjoy…


My favorite moment is a winter night in my bed. The day ends up, Pablo is sleeping, silence in my flat. I get under my sheets with a warm cover and take my book for a while.

When it is warmer (spring-summer), I would read on a sofa with a lot of cushions as I really like the sensation of floating! Books are everywhere at home, in shelves, glass case, on the floor, on the table, under my bed, in a basket.




Illustrated books for adults and kids, especially hand-made books. Artists such as: Cecilia Afonso Esteves, Ximena Perez Grobet, Milimbo, Vanda Vilela, Katsumi Komagata, Raquel Ares, Icinori, Morteza Zahedi, Nazli Tahvili and Javier de las Heras Solé an arquitect making hand-made books. I like to read Mathias Énard’s novels. “ Parle-leur de batailles, de rois et d’éléphants”is in French, a novel I really enjoy!




Since 2006, I develop twice a year a hand-made workshop on illustrated books for adults at La central del Raval bookshop of Barcelona. It is a 2 months workshop thought as a laboratory of ideas, exchanges and learning process for everybody.

Its aim is to develop a personal work and end up with a hand-made illustrated book far from our conventional idea of our codex book. A huge liberty in the process allows my students to realize something atypical where contents and container are extremely linked in a coherent and surprising way.

We always end up the course with some very personal and curious objets!

This course is linked to the Festival as all my students have the opportunity to discover amazing books and of course can submit their books to be part of it. It is a beautiful and stimulating process for them and for me.




Working on my next International Book Festival of Illustrated Books, a festival dedicated entirely to illustrated books for adults, a carefully curated selection of works from all other the world.

It should take place in November 2013 in Barcelona.





To travel around the world with my Festival and its collection in museums and cultural centers in order to generate an exchange and show some amazing hand made books I have been able to collect and exhibit in Barcelona since 2006.

I would use it to generate some contact between authors, editors and collectors.

I would collect and buy books and why not make a drawing report of this commission work! It would be fantastic!


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Julia has also a very special story. You might also enjoy:

“One day in 2000, I arrived by train at Barcelona with a suitcase full of drawings and my head full of dreams. I was looking for a new city in which to establish myself after living in Toulouse, Paris and London where I did a Bachelor of Arts at Central Saint Martins School specialising in textile design and print.

My aim was to start a new project. Thanks to meeting the right people and working hard, I got the chance to work for Spanish clothes designers and created my own label, whilst getting illustration commissions from magazines and exhibiting my personal work. Two years later, Comité was born in association with three friends: a shop in the heart of Barcelona in which we could create and sell our collections.

¿Quepasajulia? is the name of my label. This name comes from the Spanish expression ‘what’s happening?’, a continual self-questioning about the evolution of my work and my ideas, in pursuit of new answers all the time. Using designs, textures and colours I transform cloth and paper into three-dimensional paintings that move and coat the body and space “

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5 pensamientos en “MY LIBRARY Julia Pelletier

  1. Une atmosphère de quiétude se dégage du travail de Julia. Son travail est rafiné et c’est un regal pour les yeux et le coeur Je comprend que ses élèves arrivent à se dépasser car elle sait faire passer son savoir et la douceur de son travail. Bravo pour son talent


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