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Dear friends of By ZebraBooks,

my name is Sara Cavallari and I’ve been invited here today to give you some culinary inspirations. I love creative cook books and food-magazines with simple recipes of delicious food, a stylish design and beautiful photographs. Today I’d like to introduce Gather Journal, a bi-annual food-magazine by Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo.

 Gather Journal

The authors of this great magazine want to share amazing recipes of all kind from starters through to desserts. Its very aesthetic photographs prove that food can be a feast for the eye! But this magazine is not only about giving recipes, beautiful design and great photographs but also about bringing people together. This is what the editors tell about their concept:

We started Gather because of a shared love of food
and cooking, and a desire to create a magazine with staying power on your bookshelf; one that you could return to again and again for inspiration. If we can,
with our recipes, words, and images, inspire a great
meal and maybe a smile, then we are satisfied.

Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo


In fact the themes that accompany the editions of Gather Journal give a special touch to it and make the magazine something more than an ordinary food-magazine. The theme for the new Fall/Winter edition is “Traces”. Dark, intensive and sensuous colors evoke family histories and memories.


Just visit the website and you’ll notice that the act of eating is something that affects all the senses: you’ll find music playlists for special dinners, amazing photographs, do-it-yourself-ideas, inspirations for special events and of course much more recipes that complement the print edition.


Gather Journal reminds that food is not only taste but also colors, forms, emotions and memories.



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