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Blogs are nowadays an important new way of communication. In a blog one can express everything. Blogs can be inspiration, art, information, fun, storyteller, diary and much more. Every blog has its own story as well as its own focus and is based on the feelings and experiences of its writer. Today we give the floor to Valentina Colombo, a multi-talented young Italian woman whose blog Valesulfilo inspired a lot of readers. She explains to us why she ceased to update her blog and dedicated herself more to other very interesting projects like the publishing company Topipittori. Her words can be an impulse for every blogger in the aim of achieving quality, seriousness and a good editing style. We thank her for sharing her experience with us and wish her good luck and satisfaction in her future projects.

Valentina, we can’t wait for what comes next!


When I started my blog I was living in Spain. I was working for a children’s book publishing house and I loved it. I had just started and I was feeling full of creative energies. At that time to open a blog seemed to me like a very good way to share this new stage of my life, not merely from a personal point of view but rather from a creative one. A lot of beautiful things surrounded me so that it seemed selfish to me not to share them with other people, not to talk about it, not to show the world what I was seeing.
Somehow I had a very romantic view of being a blogger. When I started I didn’t think about a possible job nor did I have a specific focus. Valesulfilo (what means Vale on a thread) collected design objects, books, videos, everything I thought to be worth it. I took the blog matter as the thing it was at the beginning: a digital diary, without any popularity aspiration but certainly with the aim to get in touch with people who had the same taste or wanted to share with me images, suggestions, objects and memories, whatever. I was looking for inspiration, for food for my brain.
I chose English in order to get to as many people as possible and because I would have been able to interact more on the web. As time was passing my posts were changing shape. At the beginning they were very short, then longer, and I realized that I was changing too.
The writing process was another thing I thought a lot about. Being brief, getting to the point is something much more complicated than it seems. Bruno Munari used to say that synthesis is a complicates process, and he was right. You have to be clear about things in order to free their essence in a few words, and moreover in a language that isn’t yours from birth.

Moises Sánchez

From Valentina’s post: Moises Sánchez, “Adam the carpenter”

The web is a very powerful tool for information. And it happened that also at my work, in Spain, I began to be in charge of the publisher’s blog. I helped making and starting the project, I studied online marketing strategies, I began to become more familiar with laws of the web search engines. A different world opened to me, my eyes and my mouse moved throw the blog pages in a different way.
The more I knew this world the more I felt that I had to improve my level: more interesting posts, going deeper into the subjects, taking more care of text editing. In the meantime I moved back to Italy and a lot of things changed.
Valesulfilo had grown: in spite of my inconstancy I had more and more daily visits, people contacted me from all over the world. But I realized that either I dedicated myself with constant attention to the blog or it would have become one of the many, great many blogs that already had filled and still were filling the web.
On the other hand, something happened to me at work. was launched and it was, and it is, a success. I began being asked for writing an article about books, movies or other things that I thought might be interesting for the readers.
I don’t see the key measure of success in the visitors number but in the fact that a network of motivated, interesting people with a lot to teach was built around this new virtual space.


Valesulfilo began not to have the meaning it had had till then. I fell short of space, language, graphics. Also this aspect evolved in me. Maybe, by reading these lines I have written, Valesulfilo has been a much more personal experience than I had always wanted, or thought it to be. If I have stopped to update it it’s not because of a lack of time or interest, but because at this moment I no longer find the way to write, update and deepen the contents how I’d like to. I’m searching for a focus and a distinct language and, until I found it, I prefer to listen, to skip from page to page, to get to know things.
I realize that to talk for talking’s sake, to be there just for being there, to have a blog just for having it is not my kind of thing and what is more, I don’t think it helps neither me nor those who, if ever, read me.
As time goes by I have learned to perceive the blog as a way to promote culture, as a generator and catalyst for ideas and questions that requires competence, seriousness, persistence and discipline, and most of all being honest, clear and coherent. All this requires time, effort, reflection. It’s not like taking a picture of a coffee mug and post it saying the designer is names such-and-such. I used to do it, now it’s not enough for me. I think there are other ways for this: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and whatever one likes.
For that reason I prefer not to continue, for the moment. To comment now and then and to follow the great books, design, art and decoration blogs that already exist is enough for the moment. I think that being specific, looking for contents quality but most of all giving a new focus to the themes you like most is the most beautiful and also difficult thing to do. Maybe one day I will get back to write on Valesulfilo, or maybe I will call it in another way and it will be something completely different. But what will have happened meanwhile, and what I will not have told or shared, this whole silence phase, will be as important as the words, images or other languages that I will choose.

Valentina Colombo

Translation from Spanish: Sara Felicitas Cavallari



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