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I’m Sara Cavallari and I’ve been invited here today to present a special book from the world of culinary art. “The Little Paris Kitchen” by the author Rachel Khoo, published 2012 in English and available in many more languages, is a must have for people who love cooking, especially French cooking. Just leaf through the pages of this book and you will immediately want to cook its 120 recipes. Just try these everyday-dishes, the snacks, classic dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon or the absolutely tempting desserts!

The Little Paris Kitchen

The charming British author and chef Rachel Khoo moved from London to Paris six years ago in order to enter the famous cookery school “Le Cordon Bleu“. She shows her readers how to prepare classic French dishes in a modern and simple way. She reveals to ModCloth:
I strive to write recipes that inspire people to cook. I’d rather see my book battered and splattered with food stains than pristine. It’s the ultimate compliment for a food writer.


Rachel Khoo herself, with her vintage frocks and her red lipstick, cooks in the tiny kitchen of her Parisian apartment with merely two hotplates and a small oven. She once used to run a two-people restaurant in there, just for the pleasure of cooking and to try her new recipes.


Rachel Khoo

The photographer David Loftus doesn’t only show you nice dish presentations, but also takes you to a little journey to Paris, presenting you colorful and picturesque corners of the city.


Good photography is important in Rachel Khoos two previous cook books as well, which were both published in 2010 and are available in French and Dutch. In “Barres de céréales, muesli et granola maison“, Akiko Ida took nice photographs of muesli bars, mueslis, granola and porridge. This book contains recipes for both children and adults.


Also in “Je fais mes pâtes à tartiner“, a recipe book for sweet and savoury spreads, Rachel Khoo engaged a creative photographer called Keiko Oikawa.


If you want to know more about Rachel Khoos cooking style just take a look at her own cooking-series called “The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo“. You will be enchanted!


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